Makeup in 5 Mins!


Whether you are getting ready for work or dropping the kids off at school, spending just five minutes a day on a makeup routine can instantly make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Here are some simple tips to make good use of your time in the mornings because let’s face it we are always on the go!

Have a good skincare routine

Taking care of your skin is the very essence for a flawless looking complexion. Ensure you cleanse and moisturise your face everyday. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to apply other elements such as toner or exfoliator, these can be done once a week. A clean moisturised face will allow your skin to rejuvenate overnight and create the perfect base to apply makeup the next morning.

Invest in a good foundation

Foundation helps to even out skin tone and hide any infections. The trick is to apply a thin layer of moisturiser wait a few moments for it to absorb into your skin then apply your foundation. Purchase a good foundation that you know will benefit your lifestyle. Many customers have praised Lucie Lavelle for their mineral foundation; It’s long lasting wear means there is no need to reapply for the rest of the day and it’s all natural!

All in the eyes

Start by perking up tired eyes with some concealer, apply an upside-down triangle under the eyes to conceal dark circles, it is best to pick a concealer colour that is one and half shades lighter than your overall skin tone. Next, apply a sheer shade of eyeshadow like the Lucie Lavelle Light Brown shade inside the corner of your eyes (not the lid) as this will create a fresh look, then a darker shade just along the lash line to create some definition. Finally, finish off with a generous coat of Mascara. Beauty tip: An eyebrow wax can dramatically change your overall look, ask your beautician which shape is well suited to your face and aim to get regular waxes at least once a month.

Glow Glow Glow!

Give your face a warm glow by applying some highlighter or bronzer along the cheekbone. If you are the type of person that likes to wear blush, opt for a powder or cream that contains some subtle shimmer. Try Parfait highlighter in the Lucie Lavelle range, a highlighter that can be used for the face and body.

Splash of colour

If you are after a natural look, some clear lip gloss will complete your makeup regime. A rich lipstick colour will create a bold looking finish, perfect for that job interview or evening look. Final tip: If you are looking at longer wear from your lipstick, apply it using a lip brush.


Get The Look with Lucie Lavelle! Mineral foundation Powder in Beige; Natural Eyeshadow Pallet; Parfait Illuminate highlighter; Bronzer in Golden shade. Mineral Lipstick in Valentine shade.

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