Tis The Season... To Get Organised!!


The festive season is only around the corner and with soo much going on, here are some useful tips to stay ahead of the game


Yes, it’s going to get hell busy closer to Christmas and the holiday period, prepare a budget and make a list of all the presents you are going to buy for loved ones and friends. Keep an eye out for any sales and start shopping now! Remember to be realistic and stick to your budget, all those temptations you want for yourself can be purchased on boxing day sales. If you have decided to shop online, Australia Post have a new membership program called ‘Shipster’ waiving online shipping costs from more than 40 of Australia’s leading stores from now until new years day. There is a sign-up fee of $9.95 and consumers need to spend at least $25 per store.


Try and steer clear of the shopping centre 1-2 days before Christmas, attempting to shop in between hundreds of people only adds to the stress of last minute shopping. All we can say is thank goodness for internet shopping!


Tis the season to be jolly so why not start now? Catch up with friends and loved ones over brekkie or a scenic lunch with some bubbly. Make the most of your daylight hours and enjoy the sunshine. Surround yourself with amazing people and create lasting memories.

Stay Hydrated

We all love a good party and there is plenty of it happening at this time of the year, remember to drink your H20 and stay hydrated, your body will thank you for it the next morning.


Be merry and EAT! The festive season is surrounded by fabulous food and lots of it! Enjoy every moment.

Be Thankful

Take a moment to reflect on your year, the highlights and even the regrets as they are the things that make us a better person tomorrow. Be humble and spare a moment to help someone in need, it may be helping an old lady carry her shopping to the bus stop or saying hello to someone that looks like their having a tough day. The smallest deed goes a long way.

Beautify yourself

Lastly, we want all you beautiful women out there to look fabulous! This festive season is all about the red shades of lipstick and golden shades of eyeshadow, bronzers and illuminates. Check out Lucie Lavelle’s range of natural bronzing products to achieve the look. Go to Cosmopolitan 11 Gorgeous Holiday Makeup Looks for some great inspiration.

  • Luda evans