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5 Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Is The Best for Your Skin 0

Not only is it aesthetically the best, it has a wealth of other benefits (health and coverage wise) over its non-mineral counterparts that leave you feeling fresh, and give you peace of mind about what you are putting on your skin.

Here are 5 reasons why mineral mineral makeup is the best for your skin.

Bespoke Gifts Australia 0

If you are ever in need of a deluxe packaged gift or hamper then look no further than Bespoke Gifts Australia. Their gift sets include only the finest products and best of all, they are all Australian made and owned.

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How To Use Concealer.. The Proper Way! 0

It’s the age-old question about whether you apply concealer before or after foundation but first lets understand the purpose of concealer; It is used to hide imperfections, scars and blemishes; concealer also has the ability to hide dark spots, signs of aging, minimise dark circles and cover pimples.

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How To Contour Your Face 0

The purpose of contouring is to emphasise or minimise an appearance on your face without turning to cosmetic surgery. Most women use contouring to make their faces appear slimmer, minimise the look of a large nose or enhance their cheekbones. Whatever the reason is that brought you here, we can show you how to contour by using this simple illustration. Here is what you will need:

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Understanding 7 layers of your skin 0

Yes you heard right, we all have 7 layers of skin. This is perhaps one of the largest and most important organs that protects your body from the environment and harmful substances. So lets take a look at the three main layers of the skin...

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Is Your Makeup Animal Friendly? 0

When you applied your makeup this morning did you realise that the brand you are using is more likely to be tested on animals in the most inhumane ways possible? Every year millions of Rabbits, Dogs, Cats and other animals are killed in painful and unnecessary tests such as being burned or poisoned for the sake of cosmetics.

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5 Tips to Have Your Makeup Last in the Heat 0

Wearing makeup in hot temperatures may seem like more trouble than it’s worth sometimes. If you are the kind of person that builds up a lot of sweat in the heat, here are some handy tips for keeping your makeup looking fresh:

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Makeup For Sensitive Skin 0

For most women, wearing makeup is a pleasurable experience and a way to express their best features however there is also a large population of women in Australia who have sensitive skin and are struggling to find a product that works for them. Such concerns create lack of

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Lucie Lavelle Winner of the 2017 Natural Beauty Awards 0

We are proud to announce that Lucie Lavelle is featured in the Australian Nature & Health 2017 Beauty Awards. Winner with our Mineral Mascara and Highly Commended Mineral Lipstick. Read more at

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