What Foundation Is Best For Me?


Choosing the right foundation is tricky business and it may take some women a long time before they find the perfect type and brand. It's actually not as hard as you may think to obtain a flawless looking complexion if you take a moment to analyse what type of skin you have.

Dry Skin is crying out for moisture and your best bet is to use a liquid foundation as it is made of a creamy consistency, the coverage will deliver moisture to the skin and eliminate the show of creases and lines on the face. A good tip is to wash and moisturise your face before applying the liquid foundation.

Women that have Oily Skin are better of using a powder foundation, if powder is not your thing then you can also use an oil-free liquid foundation. Both these choices will leave you with a matte, smooth finish as the dry particles absorb moisture.

For those with Combination Skin you have the best of both worlds, strategically apply liquid foundation on your dry areas then finish all over with a powder.

Lucie Lavelle have an excellent range of natural mineral foundations which will add vitality to your skin and most importantly a complete flawless finish.

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  • Luda evans
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