5 Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Is The Best for Your Skin


5 Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Is The Best For Your Skin

Obviously at Lucie Lavelle we love all things mineral makeup – its natural, beautiful and gives a flawless finish. But not only is it aesthetically the best, it has a wealth of other benefits over its non-mineral counterparts that leave you feeling fresh, and give you peace of mind about what you are putting on your skin.

Here are 5 reasons why mineral makeup is the bomb.

1. Mineral makeup gives you better coverage

One big plus of mineral makeups is that they actually give you a better coverage and finish than non-mineral makeups. In essence, because the particles of mineral makeups are finer, it means that makeups like mineral foundation sit closer together on the skin. Less gaps and patches for you, and no harmful chemicals clogging your pores.

2. There’s no harmful chemicals in mineral makeup

As the name suggests, mineral makeups are made of – you guessed it – mineral ingredients. Your standard, non-mineral makeups contain a concoction of one or more unnatural things like preservatives and oils. We don’t like to put that in our bodies, so why would we want to put it on our skin for 8+ hours a day! If you want to see exactly what minerals we use, each of our products contains a full list of ingredients on the product page – just click any product to see.

3. Your pores won’t clog like they do with non-mineral makeups

The feeling of having clogged pores from heavy or even everyday makeup is simply ‘yuck’. It usually comes around 2-3pm on a working day, when you’ve had your makeup on for a good 6hrs and the elements have taken their toll. That ‘ick’ feeling generally comes from oily filler ingredients in chemical makeup that leaves your pores in a sorry state.

Because mineral makeup is, as we know, made of minerals, it doesn’t contain the filler chemicals that make your pores clogged. Which means less ‘ick’ for your skin, and for you when you get that 3:30itis.

4. It won’t make you break out in the dreaded spots

Acne at any age is a real pain in the you-know-what. The hard thing is, sometimes the makeup we use to cover acne, can aggravate it by clogging the pores with chemicals as mentioned previously. Because mineral makeup doesn’t contain the harmful filler ingredients, it won’t aggravate any acne you may have.

5. It has anti-inflammatory properties

The minerals in the makeup sooth the skin, and certain ingredients contained in the makeup are also used as remedies for irritated skin. Whilst you shouldn’t start breaking out the bronzer for your rash and skin ailments, rest assured that when you apply your makeup in the morning, it won’t aggravate your skin.

To see our full range of our mineral makeup products and accessories, click here – all natural, vegan, mineral and Australian made.

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