Eat Your Way to Good Health


Are you looking for ways to get a flawless complexion? Good nutrition forms the outcome of healthy skin… plump, translucent and bright skin! The natural ingredients in wholesome foods provides protein, good fats, vitamins and all sorts of nutrients for your body to shine. Not only are wholesome foods good for the skin but they provide brain power, help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and soo much more.

So you’re probably wondering what foods are best for your skin? You may be surprised to know that the foods we recommend are probably found in your fridge right now. If not, better get to your nearest woollies!


Tomatoes assist the skin to retain its firmness, eating just one tomato a day will provide enough antioxidants to aid in the appearance of fewer lines. Best of all, they can be eaten all year round and are absolutely delicious in salads.


Acne problems? A cup of strawberries a day will aid to reduce redness and help keep your skin smooth and firm. Strawberries are high in vitamin C which means eating this delicious fruit will keep those wrinkles away. Ellagic acid is an antioxidant found in strawberries which protects the elasticity of your skin which keeps it from sagging. Great!


Not only are they a great source of protein and keeping hunger pangs at bay but they also contain Lutein and zeaxanthin which provide substantial protection against UV rays. This leads to fewer lines, freakles and risk of cancer.

Nuts (the natural type)

Nuts such as almonds contain vitamin E, the surge of moisture will help those that are prone to dryness. Walnuts are high in omega 3 fats and help lubricate the skin to keep it moist and supple.


These foods provide antioxidants which assist with retaining your youthful complexion. As we age, the need for these antioxidants becomes essential. Try and have 5 servings of wholegrains a day, this includes food such as wholegrain bread, pasta and cereals.


Water is the most important nutrient for your body. Whilst your body can survive up to 3 weeks without food, it will barely last 3 days without water. Water helps flush out toxins and impurities whilst hydrating and rejuvenating your skin cells.

At Lucie Lavelle we believe that natural beauty comes within and whilst our customers do the best they can by nourishing their body on the inside, we provide the quality products on the outside. Our natural mineral make-up is made with high quality natural ingredients derived from mother earth, it contains antioxidants which feed your skin with goodness.

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