How to achieve that Natural Makeup Look


2016 beauty trends is all about looking like you are not wearing any makeup. The look is non-touring and all about natural glowing skin. As the weather gets warmer and people are spending more time outside is ideal that your complexion doesn’t look too cakey but rather dewy with glow.

Natural Mineral Makeup actually delivers a better quality coverage to your face than most high end commercial foundations and last throughout the whole day without needing further applications. Best of all, it is non-cakey and provides a natural glow.

To achieve a similar natural look like Kendall Kardashian below, apply Lucie Lavelle Natural Loose Mineral Foundation over a clean and moisturised face, brush the check bones very lightly with bronzing powder then using our Illuminator powder highlight the top of your forehead, cheek bones and bottom of chin. Darken your eyebrows by 1-2 shades and apply mascara to your lashes. Lastly opt for a nude pink lipstick to complete the look. Try our Lucie Lavelle lipstick in the colour Ballet.

Kendall Kardashian (source: Marie Claire The 7 Biggest Makeup Trends of Summer 2016)

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