How To Use Concealer.. The Proper Way!


It’s the age-old question about whether you apply concealer before or after foundation but first lets understand the purpose of concealer; It is used to hide imperfections, scars and blemishes; concealer also has the ability to hide dark spots, signs of aging, minimise dark circles and cover pimples.


Concealers come in a variety of forms from liquid, paste, stick and powders and they also come in a range of colours purple, green, peach and yellow (each to serve a purpose for concealing problem areas). For example, green concealer is used to conceal red spots such as pimples, whilst purple is used to conceal dark circles under the eyes. Perhaps the most important tip is to ensure you select a concealer that matches your skin colour. To ensure the colour is correct, apply the product to the area you wish to conceal then stand under direct sunlight to see if the colour matches.


So do we apply concealer before or after foundation?? we say concealer should be applied before foundation as this will allow you to first conceal the problem areas then the foundation can be used afterwards to blend and create a smooth looking finish. Always used concealer after a primer and for best results use a brush. Please see below for a helpful illustration on how to apply your concealer for maximum results.

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