Let Yourself Glow This Summer


Natural mineral makeup has many benefits for your skin.  Not only will it make your skin shine, but it will leave you with a natural, radiant glow that lasts through the evening.  If you're unhappy with your illuminator powder or bronzer for any reason, or just need a change, check out Lucie Lavelle's all natural mineral makeup.

While some products leave sensitive skin feeling less than stellar, Lucie Lavelle's cosmetics are specially designed to be irritant free.  Whatever your skin type, the ingredients in Lucie Lavelle's products won't irritate your skin.  If you're prone to acne or rosacea, Lucie Lavelle products will be safe for you.  Even pregnant woman can safely use their products.

Lucie Lavelle's brand is very conscious of the environment.  Its powder products are guaranteed to be animal product free.  She doesn't allow them to be tested on animals and takes pride in her appreciation of the environment. 

Not only is natural mineral makeup safe, but it holds up all day long.  In the summer, people tend to be busier.  Playing sports usually means that makeup is a no-go, but Lucie Lavelle's products can change that.  The last thing you should have to worry about is reapplying your makeup before you sit down for dinner.  With Lucie Lavelle's makeup, you can rest assured that you'll shine all day and all night long.  Spend more of your day glowing this summer!

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  • Luda evans
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