Makeup For Sensitive Skin


For most women, wearing makeup is a pleasurable experience and a way to express their best features however there is also a large population of women in Australia who have sensitive skin and are struggling to find a product that works for them. Such concerns create lack of confidence and fear of breaking out. We truly believe in our products here at Lucie Lavelle and many of our customers purchase our products for different reasons; whether it would be for the vegan component, long lasting and flawless wear or for its natural ingredients which make it suitable for women with sensitive skin.

Mineral makeup is a natural alternative to other cosmetics in the market, mainly due to the fact it is made up of naturally occurring minerals which are crushed into powder form. We also use this powder makeup and convert it into a liquid form for those women that prefer a liquid based application. There are a lot of mineral cosmetics which consumers can choose from in the market and whilst they contain mineral as a primary ingredient, there are still a host of synthetic ingredients which may cause problems for people with sensitive skin.

Our products here at Lucie Lavelle do not contain FD&C dyes, talcum, clays, paraben preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum derived ingredients, fillers, lanolin, or any other animal products.

Lucie Lavelle is safe for people with sensitive skin, contact us today and we would be happy to send you a free sample pack of mineral makeup which you can trial.

Be Confident, Be Natural

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